Aquence™ Hoist Driven Coating System & Powder Coating System for the Automotive Industry

One of our significant projects here at DEYCO, Inc. involved the engineering, design, fabrication, and installation of the largest Aquence™ hoist driven coating line in North America. From initial planning, concept development, and design validation through to fabrication, construction, and commissioning, we provided this turnkey solution to a major supplier in the automotive industry.

We developed the overall design concepts based on the client's long term production goals, taking into consideration aspects such as part size, throughput requirements, and total paint square footage projected on an annual basis. Our foresighted concept was engineered with the flexibility to accommodate present needs while being adaptable to potential future changes.

Aquence™ is a sustainable, water-based product valued for its ability to uniformly coat parts of any size or complexity. When workpieces are dipped in the solution, Aquence’s dispersion properties allow it to flow into and around difficult to reach areas and form a protective coating over the entire workpiece.

Built to process automotive frames as large as the body of an H3 Hummer, this Aquence™ paint system consists of fourteen 20,000 gallon dip tanks, five programmable hoists, a dry off oven, and a cure oven. Each dip rack holds five individual automotive frames, and system throughput is at the rate of 12 racks per hour. Intelligently designed, this system is also capable of streamlined application and cure of a powder top coat over the Aquence™ paint.

We built this high-reliability system to meet all electrical and safety codes and seamlessly integrate into the client's production line.

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