Custom Conveyor Systems for the Painting Industry

At DEYCO, Inc., we designed and built the 7-stage Aquence™ surface treatment system shown here for a client in the painting industry. We engineered it for fully automated operation, and it incorporates both hoist-driven and conveyorized material handling methods. We designed this particular system to handle a high volume of air conditioner frames. Elements of this system include a conveyor that moves racks to the entrance of the paint system, where a hoist automatically picks the racks off the conveyer and transports them through the entire painting line.

We incorporated power and free conveyors into the design, which allowed flexible installation with minimum space requirements. Power and free conveyors allowed the part racks to be transferred to and from the paint system automatically while also allowing the flexibility to stop individual loads without stopping the entire process line.

Our multi-disciplined project team managed the entire process from the initial design phase through to installation and commissioning. Backed up by years of industry experience, our professional field installation crews managed all activities involved with getting the equipment up and running on a timely basis. In addition to ensuring all equipment was aligned, leveled, and properly anchored, they installed all mechanical, electric, and control subsystems. Once the installation was complete, they worked side-by-side with the client to ensure their operators had full working knowledge of the system, and it performed according to specification.

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