E-Coat Conveyorized Paint System with Powder Top Coat for Custom Fabrication

E-Coat Conveyorized Paint System
E-Coat Conveyorized Paint System

At DEYCO, Inc. we have a global reputation for providing robust and reliable turnkey finishing systems that help our clients improve their process, part quality, and profitability. We engineered and built the paint and powder coating line shown here for a large custom fabricator. This fabrication shop is a dominant provider of custom parts to one of the largest manufacturers of heavy equipment. To support and streamline their in-house operations, this client was in the market for a custom E-coat paint line with powder top coat capabilities.

The design, fabrication, and installation of complete paint systems are one of our major strengths. We engineered and built this system to give the client complete process flexibility. It has the capacity to accommodate very small parts as well as large, oversized workpieces. Since this fabricator manages a large number of different part programs, we also designed the system for fast changeover.

This 11-stage, conveyorized paint line feature dip tanks in the 12,000 gallon to 14,000 gallon range. The environmentally controlled powder booth features a quick changeover design that allows the color to be swapped out in 15 minutes or less. This state-of-the-art system provides consistent coverage on every surface of a part, including edges and complex internal features. By pairing E-coat anti-corrosion protection with powder coating on the same process line, this system ensures parts get an exceptional quality finish in an economical and environmentally-friendly manner.

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