Industrial Ovens Fabrication & Installation Services

Industrial Oven
Industrial Oven

At DEYCO, Inc., we design, manufacture, and install custom paint finishing systems and industrial ovens including gas, cure, and dehydration ovens. Custom systems are constructed of insulated aluminized panels and are designed for operating temperatures between 250°F and 600°F. Our expertise encompasses nearly all spray or dip electrocoating, Aquence™ coating, and powder coating applications, and our manufacturing capabilities include the fabrication of systems up to 400' long and widths up to 100'.

During the design process, our engineers perform research and development using the desired coating to select the ideal heating method for the given coating, part size, and throughput requirements. In addition to the installation of new systems, many older systems can be upgraded or retrofit to increase energy efficiency and meet the latest emission requirements. All systems are automated using PLC or ladder logic to precisely control the heating cycle. Functionality and temperature testing is performed to verify that all systems meet customer specifications. We have manufactured custom finishing and curing systems for a variety of customers including the automotive and appliance industries. Typical lead times average between 16 and 32 weeks, depending on scope of the project. For additional information on our custom paint finishing systems and industrial ovens, see the table below, or contact us directly.

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Industrial Ovens Fabrication & Installation Capabilities

General Capabilities
System Integration
Retrofits and Conversions
Control Mode
Ladder Logic
All Systems Automated
Paint Finishing Systems
Electro Coat
Aquence™ Coat
Powder Coat
Application Methods
Spray – Automatic Guns
Wet/Dip Paint
Industrial Ovens
Gas Ovens
Cure Ovens
Dehydration Ovens
Oven Temperature Range
250°F - 600°F
Construction Material
Aluminized Insulated Panels
Oven Length
Up to 400'
Oven Width
Up to 100'
Varies Depending on System
Functionality Testing
Temperature Testing
Additional Services
Research & Development
Typical Lead Time
16 - 30 Weeks
Varies Depending on the System
Industry Focus
Painting and Coating