Custom Oil Mist Machine for the Stamping Industry

With a company history that dates back to 1948, at DEYCO, Inc., we have built our reputation on a firm commitment to serving our customers’ needs. We have the skills and ingenuity to take on challenging projects and view them as an opportunity to expand our capabilities and add another satisfied customer to our client base.

A premier company in the stamping industry developed specifications for a one-of-a-kind piece of coating equipment. The purpose of the machine was to apply a rust preventive coating onto stamped metal parts to protect them during transit. The coating layer thickness had to be kept within very narrow limits, so there was just enough product to inhibit rust without the slightest bit of excess. Although this company sent the specifications out for bid to a number of machine builders, the project was difficult and complicated, and we were the only ones to respond with a quote.

Our R&D efforts revealed that this was such a specialized and complex system that we needed to design the equipment from the ground up. We assembled a multi-disciplined project team to brainstorm ideas and zero in on the most practical and effective solution. This unique piece of equipment creates a mist of oil, and as product flows through the tunnel, the rust inhibitor adheres to the stamped parts in a very specific amount. A combination of creative thinking, hours and hours of analytical work, and the talents of our fabrication staff resulted in a machine that operated exactly as specified by the client.

This equipment is now a major asset on their factory floor, and they are interested in acquiring a second. If you are interested in learning more about this project or any of our industrial capabilities, contact us today.

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